5 Reasons Having A Pet Is Good For You

From our friends at Wags Financing… a reminder why dogs are called “man’s best friend.” Playing fetch and cuddling on the couch are great, but more and more research is being published supporting the idea that pets actually make...  Continue reading

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It... (Your Dog Knows How You Feel)

When our dog puts a reassuring paw on my knee at the end of a tiring day, I could swear he knows just what I’ve been through. Turns out there’s more to that than wishful thinking on my part. Through neuro scans, scientists have... Continue reading

Shedding Light, Not Hair

Shopping for a dog who doesn’t shed, at least profusely? Allow me to put my personal favorite (our family pet, pictured at left) at No. 1, along with adding a caveat for it and many of the dogs listed... Continue reading

K9's For School Safety

Trainers of K9s are offering to extend their services to schools and college campuses, where a deployed dog can detect guns, explosives and drugs, and possibly deter violence like the Sandy Hook tragedy...  Continue reading

Puppies:  More Than Friends

The “man’s best friend” label may not go far enough in describing the relationship between people and dogs. A study recently reported in USA Today suggests the relationship is more like that of a parent and child...  Continue reading

DogTV Is Television Programming Just For Your Dog

This year’s summer blockbuster wasn’t just for Beverly Hills chihuahuas, but it was all for dogs...  Continue reading

The iPad Has Gone To The Dogs

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on dog trainers like Anna Jane Grossman in Manhattan teaching dogs to use an iPad, using their noses, in hopes that it will become a friend in times of solitude...  Continue reading

Dogs Behaving Badly

If the “Dogshaming” Tumblr had existed a few years ago, you would find a mug shot of my pup perched next to a sign confessing...  Continue reading

Does Your Dog Itch?

A recent post talked about our dog’s encounter with ticks and Lyme exposure after an unseasonably warm Christmastime walk in the woods abutting the Potomac. (My husband later corrected me; technically...  Continue reading

Dog Walkers:  7 Tips To Find One You Can Trust

If you’ve got a job and you get a dog, that probably means putting a dog walker on your payroll. Start your search through word of mouth. Ask other dog owners in your neighborhood who they use. You need a…  Continue reading

When The Bark Worses To A Bite

Our male dog lived six years without getting into any serious dogfight. Now, in the past two, he has been bitten by two different male dogs, one smaller and one larger. The more recent incident happened over Memorial Day weekend…  Continue reading

Biggest Loser, Doggie Edition

If you’ve noted the obesity saga of Obie, the Oregon dachshund who at one point tipped the scale at 77 pounds, you may be wondering what you can do to ensure your dog never has to drop 44 pounds then...  Continue reading

It's Past Time To Guard Against A Bloodsucker

American Dog Club shares a dog-owner’s eye-view of… a tiny pest that packs a big bite: When our vet phoned in March to say that Bruno’s blood tested positive for Lyme disease exposure, she both confirmed and allayed our fears…  Continue reading

Dogs and Hugs

Like parents of children, dog owners often assume their pet is the sweetest, most gentle creature to ever wag a tail. Usually they’re right. It’s the unspoken “unusual” that’s the problem, says dog behaviorist Melissa Berryman, who is the author...  Continue reading

Keeping Your Pet Safe

The Easter season can be a very joyous one for you – and your pet! But our friends at Central Veterinary Associates want you to know that it is just as important to make sure it is a safe one…  Continue reading

Pet Treat Recall

In an effort to ensure your pet’s safety at all times, our friends at Central Veterinary Associates would like to inform you of the extensive voluntary pet treat recall that was announced last month. The treats are manufactured by Kasel…  Continue reading

For Puppy Health

Safety Tips for Pets for Easter, Valentine’s, or any day of the year… Valentine’s is just past, and Easter is almost upon us … and you know what that means – the giant, red, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate have come…  Continue reading

Super Bowl Safety Tips

We at American Dog Club wanted to share these helpful tips..from our friends at Central Veterinary Associates in Valley Stream, NY: Thinking of having some friends over for the big game on Sunday? Planning on gorging yourselves silly on chips &… Continue reading

Advice On Pet Arthritis

With the winter season underway, your pet will feel the effects of the cold weather. But for older pets, mobility may become an issue as the result of arthritis or joint pain. Thankfully, there are medications and treatments that can…  Continue reading