Where Our Puppies Come From

Where do our dogs come from?

Over the course of many years, we have gathered and relied on only the best private professional certified USDA licensed breeders and facilities, especially those that specialize in a particular breed or size, to find puppies for Pups 4 Love.

We require our breeders to have each puppy undergo two veterinarian evaluations before arriving at our store. Once the puppy reaches 8-10 weeks old, they acquire a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian before any travel. With a clean bill of health, they are sent to our kennel for some TLC at our "Paw Seasons Hotel" -- a special place for our puppy guests to relax and play until they are placed with a loving family.

Our puppies get pampered here, enjoying such luxuries as doggie milk, baby food, Holistic Health Extension hard food and fresh vitamin enriched water. They are provided with toys for the daytime and blankets and snuggle pals with heart beat monitors for bedtime. And, of course, all our puppies are encouraged to play and interact with one another -- we don't do cages!

If a puppy is under our care for longer than we feel it should be, we put the puppy up for adoption so it can quickly find a loving home. We are proud to be the only kennel that has this policy as the well-being of our animals is truly our primary concern.

Every Pups 4 Love puppy is guaranteed for one year on genetics as well as 14 days viral and all vaccination records done in our kennel are given to you when you take your new puppy home. Please feel free to contact Pups 4 Love at any time during our business hours with questions or concerns. Additionally, we have a veterinarian on call 24 hours day for any medical questions or emergencies. At Pups 4 Love, we not only help you in selecting the right puppy for you and your family, we teach you about the breed, feeding, training, and anything else you might need to know to properly care for your new bundle of joy.

At Pups 4 Love, it is our pleasure to help you find the perfect new addition to your family!

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