Exclusive World Class Warranty

Our exclusive world class warranty has been developed to provide you with the best coverage available. We set the standard that far exceeds any puppy warranty offered by any kennel in the State of New York. This reflects our total obligation to you and the health of your new baby puppy. Our absolute commitment starts when you bring your new puppy home and can last a lifetime.  

At Pups 4 Love in addition to our free veterinarian package we warranty our puppies for replacement in the unlikely event should any hereditary or congenital conditions accrues within 12 months from the date of whelping. Any health issue no matter how minor that is attributed to us will be covered using our extensive network of veterinarian’s, within 14 days of purchase. 

Please call us or stop in for a complete copy of our warranty
Pups 4 Love Exclusive World Class Warranty 100%